Like I said…a fishing paradise. And my little experimental, collapsible rod? It performed admirably.

Am I disappointed that I never made it to the river? Nah, my niece graduates in a couple of years and we’ll be back.

Remember, it’s all about opportunity.

I love this addiction called urban fly fishin’.

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  1. Josh:

    Great Report!

    Are there any details you can say about the rod-mod you did? I’m very interested in it (maybe a future post)? Also, how was the reel?


  2. fishing:

    amazing fishing report and great catch, i love you blog articles and pictures. I will also try the PenRod extreme

  3. Dan Z:

    We appreciate the kind comments and encouraging words. As mentioned in the last article, I used a PenRod extreme unit which I modified by putting a fly rod tip top in place of the standard tip top. The reel is small so it does not have much capacity. I used 20 # test backing and Sage 00 weight double taper line. I actually used only half of the fly line, saving the other half for another season. The rod is fairly stiff so i had to modify my casting technique. Still i was able to make some pretty decent casts after only very little practice. The best part was being able to effectively reach areas where heavy brush and other obstacles would have made it very difficult to cast a “regular” fly rod. I used a 6x tapered leader from Orvis but probably could have gone lighter. I ended up using only one fly the whole day — a light brown hare’s ear. Hope that helps.

  4. Josh:

    Thanks for getting back to me on the question. The reason I asked was there were some complaints from a fishing forum that the Penrod used in a fly fishing application didn’t work too well. However, now that I understand the mod you performed with the tip that might have alleviated the issues reported that the line would not feed through the standard guides well.

    Thanks again, I’ll have to put one of these together!

  5. Enrique Sossaman:

    Great read. Thanks for the info!

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