The last couple of weeks have been go, go, and go some more. Between Work, Personal Obligations, and my Wife’s sister being out from Las Vegas. I have had absolutely NO TIME TO FISH!!!

Saturday marked a break in the chaos. We traded in our working gloves for a nice relaxing weekend up in Big Bear, and to me that meant Saturday morning fishing on the Santa Ana River.

I arrived at my starting point at about 6:00 am, and the birds were just starting to sing their melodies as the sun rose to the east. I grabbed my gear, hit the first hole, and from the first cast I just felt all the stress and tension melt away.

I’m sure it helped that I pulled about 5 nice little Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout out of the first hole, and the fish just continued to show. I was enjoying the beauty around me so much. I almost forgot that I run a fishing blog and my camera was begging to get in on the action.

The day was more than I could ask for. I got hung up a few times and even lost a couple of flies. But, when you’re catching that many fish it doesn’t seem to matter.

The only thing I need to get through my thick head, is to bring insect repellent. After my arrival back at the cabin I was covered from head to toe in bug bites, though my bliss seemed to help me ignore them (at least until the next morning)

By 11:30 the Bait fishermen were out in full force, and I decided to say adeu. I did however stop to greet each one I passed checking for a fishing license, and to make sure they were not out laying a slaughter fest on the stream. A couple of guys even asked me if they had stocked recently (I guess I just look official), to which I replied they never stock this stream and you should probably head over to the Lake. What can I say, they just seem to rub me the wrong way. Plus, I really can’t stand the smell of Powerbait!

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