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  1. Anonymous:

    Just curious — did you actually ask each of them if they had a license? It is not required to display the fishing license in CA since March 2010.

  2. ml54:

    Display of a fishing license is not required in California since March 2010, so checking someone for a license would mean actually asking them to show it.

  3. Sean Fenner:

    I’m aware that it’s no longer required to display your license since March 2010. However most fishermen still wear it on their bag, hat, ect. I will ask to see someone’s license if they are willing to show it. If I find that alot of people are fishing certain waters without licenses, I do notify DFG. Each year since 2007 the number of fishing licenses in California has been on a serious decline (If you don’t believe me check the statistics on the DFG Website). What alot of these bait fishermen don’t realize is the revenue from licenses is what helps to keep our fisheries running, and stock the fish they catch. So yes, I will ask you to show your license if I see you on the stream. If you’re not willing to show it, at least I made you think about the fact that you are supposed to be carrying one. Visible or Not!

  4. iwalton:

    Yeah, Powerbait is seriously gross. Pretty fail (and boring) way to fish. I did catch my first fish on it, but I doubt I’ll ever use it again…lures or flys from here on out. Good post!

  5. Anonymous:

    You have a first rate blog here. How do you feel about naming names of some of these small creeks that really can’t stand too much more exposure. I know that two of the wild trout/barbless single hook creeks on the SBNF have been pretty much fished out by the worm guys (also without a license).

  6. Sean Fenner:


    That is a hard questions to answer. Obviously I am from the school of thought that there are not really any streams left that I can’t find information on either on websites, in best seller books, or in website forums anyway. So we might as well educate the people that fish these waters, and try to protect them in every way possible. I know at least 20-30 guys that I have personally meet through this website, who have become fly fishermen and given up bait fishing to persue picking up trash and support foundations like Trout Unlimited. I know there are people that would say “Well you are just exposing these streams to more baitfishermen and it’s your fault the streams are on a decline” however I think that they are just looking for someone to blame instead of going out and doing something about it. I am also proud to say that I have actually seen many less bait fishermen on our local streams and many of these waters are seeing an increse in the wild trout populations according to California Department of Fish and Game, Trout Unlimited, and many other organizations. We still have alot of work to do, and if you have ideas on how I can better get across the point of conservation I am open to suggestions. I appreciate your comment. Please also feel free to email me anytime for further discussion!

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