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  1. Josh:

    Nice you got Ol’ Afro duck in that picture :)

    About your rig. You use a wholly bugger to a shrimp imitation tied off the bugger hook shank?


  2. Sean Fenner:

    Yeah. It doesn’t matter which imitation is the dropper, just make sure it’s the heavier fly.

  3. matt:

    hey i fish at cerritos a lot and i have been trying to catch a carp but i have been getting skunk anyone have any idea whats good bait or rig

  4. Sean Fenner:

    Wholly Bugger. Work the Edges at Night or Early Morning, that is how I have caught all my Carp there. A lot of pressure and the fish are not easy to catch!

  5. Stacia Aipopo:

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