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This week has been crazy thus far. Work is picking up; we’re getting all of our stuff packed to move; family issues are running rampant, and I needed to get out and fish. Fly Fishing is the one thing in my life that can take my mind off of anything. As soon as I pick up the rod I step into a different world, and nothing but catching fish and enjoying nature matters.

I arrived at the park and the water was flat. The temperature was starting to rise and I could see the shad hitting the surface, as Little Bass chased them around the lake. I’m not sure how the little Shad got there and how they sustain every year, but there they are! (I have netted a few and caught a couple on little dry flies).

I tied on a small white Flash-A-Bugger with a trailing White Mysis Shrimp Imitation. My imitations of the Shad seem to drive the Largemouth Bass wild every time. I throw a cast as far out into the middle of the lake as I can, and start an extremely fast twiching retrieve.

Now this tactic only seems to work for me in the late Summer through late Fall, the rest of the year I can cast until my arm falls off (usually without one hit). I usually will catch a small Bass on about every 5-10 casts and on good days I feel bites on every cast.

At first I thought, well it must be the flash fooling the fish. So I tried other colors, Black, Olive, Purple, Yellow, Rust, with only a few bites. Then I thought, well maybe it’s the color, and I tied on the same white Woolly Bugger and Mysis Shrimp without any flash tied in. Guess what? NO BITES! Okay so now I am thoroughly convinced it is the color and the flash imitating one of these little shad running for it’s life.

On this day the Bass were relatively small anywhere from 5-12 Inches, but I have caught big Bass on this rig.

I especially remember one morning being out just after the sun had come up. I tied up my rig, cast into the center of the lake , and started stripping vigorously. Just as I was about to pick up my fly and recast, a huge Bass came flying out of the water attacking my fly like a Great White Shark after a seal. He was hooked and the fight began. I chased the bass around the lake for about 10 minutes and when he finally was close enough to lip I bent down hands shaking, and with one more shake of his giant head my fly came loose and hit me square in the forehead. I pulled the fly of my skin to find that he had totally bent out the hook and by the looks of the Bass he was pushing 8-10 pounds (that is one big park lake Bass)!

Hopefully next time I get a monster like that there will be a photo to follow, and smiles for days!

5 Responses to “BASS IN A FLASH”

  1. Josh says:

    Nice you got Ol’ Afro duck in that picture :)

    About your rig. You use a wholly bugger to a shrimp imitation tied off the bugger hook shank?


  2. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    Yeah. It doesn’t matter which imitation is the dropper, just make sure it’s the heavier fly.

  3. matt says:

    hey i fish at cerritos a lot and i have been trying to catch a carp but i have been getting skunk anyone have any idea whats good bait or rig

  4. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    Wholly Bugger. Work the Edges at Night or Early Morning, that is how I have caught all my Carp there. A lot of pressure and the fish are not easy to catch!

  5. Stacia Aipopo says:

    Hello, this is the first time i’ve visited here. I found so many interesting articles your blog especially. Keep up the good work.

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