As if to be a subtle reminder that my line of reasoning is not so far-fetched, I flipped open a fishing catalog the other night and there was a picture of Tom Skerritt portraying the Reverend MacLean from the movie version of “ A River Runs Through It”. Lo and behold, his character was wearing a three piece suit (sans jacket) while flyfishing. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Though the image was taken from a movie, it was based on reality and, frankly, it was a reality that we ought to get used to if we deem ourselves urban fly guys (and gals).

So all that to say, the next time your out on the water and you see a guy decked out in brilliant blue, flowery Hawaiian shirt casting his 5-weight merrily away, don’t assume he is some newbie or poser. Just tip your hat and smile and recognize that he is probably a guy who, like you and me, loves this addiction called urban fly-fishin’.

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  1. eric feldkamp:

    Great article. I totally agree.

    I work at an outdoor store and have a quiver of Patagonia, Cloudveil, Simms, etc. “Fly Fishing Shirts” all purchased when i thought i NEEDED them to be a better fisher. I’ve since learned that any one of the three Guayaberas i purchased from a thrift store 15 years ago for fifty cents a piece are the perfect fly fishing shirt. Pocket one – fly box, pocket two – camera, three – tippett, four – flask of port…VIOLA…all i need, and nothing i don’t.

  2. iWalton:

    Excellent post.
    Have worn a dress shirt + tie while fishing on a rushed day. Got some odd looks, heh.

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