My wife and I had a chance to sneak off to the cabin up in Big Bear the other day so I naturally utilized her penchant for sleeping in late to squeeze in some early morning late season fishing.

The thermometer outside the kitchen window hovered around the 35 degree mark so I threw on my favorite heavy flannel fishin’ shirt, steeled myself with a large mug of extra strong Java and headed off toward the Lake.

My destination for the morning was Grout Bay so I wasted no time heading over that way.

Construction on the new dam is in full swing so I chose to take the north shore route. As I drove through Fawnskin, I noticed a new sign neatly lettered on the window of the North Shore Trading Company (canoe and kayak shop) which read, “Big Bear Fishing Adventures – Spin & Fly Shop”.

After neatly recovering from a potentially nasty swerve, I made a mental note to go back and check things out at a more reasonable hour of the day.

Unfortunately, Grout Bay was a little lower than anticipated and a little weedier than anticipated so my dreams of a full morning of pulling in record size fish quickly evaporated with the morning mists. I tried a few other spots but to no avail. Fortunately, fishing the lake whether successful or not always builds a great appetite, so a big breakfast when I got back to the cabin almost made up for the disappointing catch rate.

Later in the day however, I did return to the North Shore Trading Company and I did get to chat with them and I found out that they are indeed partnering with Mike and Susan Tuttle to bring a more prominent flyfishing presence to the Lake  — not that I don’t appreciate the always sound and friendly advice from the guys at Big Bear Sporting Goods. It was just kinda nice to be able to wander into a local fly shop and “speaka da same dialect”, if you catch my drift.

I learned that the Tuttles have over fifteen years of guide experience and run one to three day trips out of Captain John’s Marina. They will also customize trips to the various local creeks and streams.

For more info you can contact them at Big Bear Fishing Adventures or at 909-436-8882.

Now as long as the weather holds, my beautiful bride and I will probably try to squeeze in another quick trip up the Hill. She will probably want to sleep in late and I will probably be out on the Lake as the sun peeks over the eastern edge of the Valley. I’ll probably have to wear the heavy weight flannels and I’ll probably need another oversize cuppa Joe to fortify me against the early morning mountain chill.

What is a certainty is that I will be paying another visit to Big Bear Fishing Adventures Spin & Fly Shop where I can pick up a few flies, catch up on the local news, swap stories and support another local business.

I love this addiction called urban fly fishin.


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