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Sometimes it’s all you need. A little time away, just you and the fish. Not thinking about anything else that is going on in the world, just what fly to tie on the end of the line.

The local mountains are my get away destination and at 1-2 hours from doorstep to water, getting away is a whole lot easier than most people think. The Santa Ana River was my most recent get away destination, and the fishing was amazing.

I arrived at the entrance just as the sun was rising and the crisp cool air felt great. I hit about a 3 mile stretch of the stream and caught many Wild Browns and both Wild and Stocker Rainbows.

It’s amazing to me how these local mountain Trout can change so much from one day to another. Some days I gets hits all on dry flies, others on nymphs so tiny you can barely tie them, and still other days like this one when a good ol’ Woolly Bugger does the trick.

I am not exaggerating I tried every flies in my box, with all a couple of small fish to show for about 1 1/2 hours time. Fed up I pulled out the bugger, and the Trout ‘Went Wild”. I was getting hit after hit after hit. Browns & Rainbows it didn’t matter, I couldn’t keep them off the line.

At about 1:00 pm I decide to call it quits and make my 2 hour long journey home.

Thanks to the infamous 91 freeway traffic and people driving like a 16 year old the first time they put their hands on the wheel. But, with all my limbs in tact and no claims to my Insurance Agent (ME) I was home safe and sound with memories from the day running through my head like a wild fire.

Suddenly all of the work waiting on my desk for me on Monday, choirs to do around the house, etc didn’t seem as stressful as I had made them out to be the day before.

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  1. Allen P says:

    nice little pig of a rainbow for such a small stream.

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