This is exactly why you should never underestimate Urban Fishermen. A 67 year old man fended off not one, not two, but three armed robbers with his fishing pole last Tuesday night. This man was fishing a small pond in St. Louis when three young men attacked him announcing that they were going to rob him. He managed to send them fleeing and two of the villians were caught later that night. When police asked for a statement the young men responded that they were attacked by “A man with a fishing pole”. Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking they are going to rip off some guy fishing alone in the park. You may have just messed with the wrong Urban Fisherman!!!

 St. Louis Fisherman Fends Off Robbers with Fishing Pole


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  1. eric feldkamp:

    Nice. I’m guessing he was going for big fish with a 9WT. I hope they don’t come after me since I’m usually sporting a 2-4WT looking for small bass. I just don’t see a 2WT as a threatening weapon.

  2. Sean Fenner:

    True that. I’m guessing a 9 weight would do some heavy damage!

  3. iWalton:

    St. Louis is a scary place…feels like a East Coast, gritty, heavy industrialized cement-mess.

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