Let me just start out by saying that I love Fly Fishing for Bass. They can be as picky as Trout,  and as ferocious as a pike launching after it’s prey. They are the reason why I started Fly Fishing, and the species I target the most. Growing up in Southern California means that my childhood was filled with warm memories of Bass Fishing just about anywhere I could(including the local golf courses).

So, it was not much of a leap to start out targeting Bass when I picked up the Fly Rod. A couple of Woolly Buggers and some 5x and I was hitting the local park as soon as the sun started over the horizon.

Moving on from my love affair with Bass and yet staying on the same subject. Last Saturday I decided to head up to Peck Road Park, a water reclamation center that I have heard has great Bass Fishing. I got off the 605 and on to the side streets, pulled into the parking lot with a morning drizzle coming down on my Okuma fishing hat. I reached for the 5 weight and the 4x and off I went, in search of hopefully Bass and anything else that was willing to take a fly.

I was extremely disappointed right off the bat. I hit the shallow end of the lake with no luck in what looked like 5- 10 text book Bass Spots. As I moved over to the deeper end of the lake, I started seeing fish cruising the water. The nibbles started and the fishing was in full force. I started pulling out Bass on almost every cast. Small little guys (maybe only 10-14 inches long). But hey now, Bass are Bass no matter what size (and any fish is better than a skunk).

As I made my way around to the other side of the lake, I noticed what looked like an orange road hazard cone at every hole. It would suddenly disappear as I made my decent onto the shore line. It was not until about the 5th spot that I realized it was a great Carnival Prize (Goldfish) sipping the roots along the shoreline. At the next section I ripped out about 50 feet of line and threw down a cast only to have the fish take the fly and turn for the deep water with a fury vengeance. I set the hook and snap, my Prize Goldfish had made a jailbreak.

Things like that just have a way of breaking your little fishing heart. I went home with dreams of showing off my Monster Goldfish in the next LA County fair crushed, and a realization that I should be fishing any water reclaimation center I can get my hands on.

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