Fall (Autumn) call it what you may, it remains my arch nemesis. What kind of season is this? We have to fall back on time, and lose so many precious daylight hours. But the worst is the wind (let’s just say that I would never be able to survive in Chicago). I despise it, loath it, and I hate it with a passion!

Not wanting to sucumb to my internal instics and put all of my fishing gear away for the season. I headed out this last Saturday morning to get in a little Urban Park Fly Fishing. The whole drive to the park I just kept thinking to myself that I cannot stand the wind and trying to convince myself to head back home and hit the snooze button for a few hours. But, I am a Fly Fisherman at the deepest portions of my heart and the urge to fish won over.

Let’s just say that I’m glad that I listened to that little Fishing Voice in my head.

The Green Sunfish showed up in full action, and I got to hone a new Fly Fishing Skill. The Sunfish get weary about this time of year, and the littlest movement or shadow of any kind spooks the living daylights out of them. So you have to fish the hole under the concrete bank that they hide in, and then set that hook as soon as they poke their head out for a peak.

I tied on my “Fenner Bugger Special” a small heavily weighted Woolly Bugger that works a lot like a bass jig to lure my quarry out of hiding, and lure them out I did. Within about 2 hours I had caught more than I could count, and lost even more than that.

So, I guess the moral of the story is for me to stop being such a baby about the wind, and get out there to do some fall fishin. But, I’m just sayin the wind sucks.

I’m so glad I grew up, and have spent so much of my life in Southern California. Just a couple of months of this crappy weather and it’s back to good ol’ Sunny So Cal.

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