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The last couple of weeks haved been some of the most trying times in my life. Personal issues running rampant, work  is non stop at what is supposed to be the slowest time of the year, and the ear ache of the century. What more can I say, it’s been tough!

I remember thinking to myself “I wonder, how can I get some time away from the daily grind?” That’s right! What was I thinking? All I need is a little Urban Fly Fishing. Sometimes you just have to pick up your gear and leave the world behind.  

So I locked the doors to my truck and left it all in the parking lot of Chantry Flats for some adventure in the local San Gabriel Mountains.

The air was crisp, the sound of the creek was filling my ears, and my hands were still warm from my daily caffeine fix. Away I ran. Barreling down the Santa Anita Creek Trail with my 3 weight in hand, ready to hit the stream with full force. I tied on a size 16 Stimulator with a dropper Prince Nymph and the fish didn’t even know what hit them.

It was amazing, for hours it seamed like every cast produced a fish. One, Two, Three, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, I  lost count. Not even an hour on the stream and the battery on my camera was already running low from flash, after flash, after flash.

Was I dreaming?  Is this real? I has to sit down, and take it all in with a few deep breathes. What just happened? Suddenly I could not think about anything but Rainbow Trout, where was the next one hiding? Would this keep up, could I really catch a fish on every cast for more than a couple of hours? So many questions running through my head. What was I doing different? Where is the hatch?

All these questions mixed in with one profound thought “ Thank you Randall Kaufmann”!

It was amazing! I have caught a lot of fish on Santa Anita Creek over the last couple of years, but never had a day that came even close to this. After 4 hours of hiking from hole to hole and fish after fish. I decided to call it quits.

As I made my way back up the canyon to the parking lot (the only part of Santa Anita Canyon that is not to my liking) I just remember sitting down on the edge of the trail for a minute and thinking “Thank You GOD”. This was exactly what I needed!!!


  1. jake says:

    nice color on those fish. love the site. keep the posts coming.

  2. iWalton says:

    I recently visited the San Gabriel forest/river park in the mountains and was pretty stoked to explore the creek, along with the old, abandonded homestead buildings. (what are those from, btw?). However, there were several hunters in the area, shooting nearby. Is that fairly common for the park? How do you deal with that while fishing? I talked with some of them, and they seemed nice enough, but I’m not super comfortable fishing too close by…

  3. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    They are actually used as camps as far as I can tell. I see alot of guys from the forest service and volunteers going in and out of them. As far as the hunters, it’s only during the late Fall through early Spring. You’ll get days where you see a lot of them and others you won’t see any. I doubt they would shoot you though, just don’t sneek up on them!

  4. Sean Fenner Sean Fenner says:

    Thanks Jake. We appreciate the comments!

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