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  1. jake:

    nice color on those fish. love the site. keep the posts coming.

  2. iWalton:

    I recently visited the San Gabriel forest/river park in the mountains and was pretty stoked to explore the creek, along with the old, abandonded homestead buildings. (what are those from, btw?). However, there were several hunters in the area, shooting nearby. Is that fairly common for the park? How do you deal with that while fishing? I talked with some of them, and they seemed nice enough, but I’m not super comfortable fishing too close by…

  3. Sean Fenner:

    They are actually used as camps as far as I can tell. I see alot of guys from the forest service and volunteers going in and out of them. As far as the hunters, it’s only during the late Fall through early Spring. You’ll get days where you see a lot of them and others you won’t see any. I doubt they would shoot you though, just don’t sneek up on them!

  4. Sean Fenner:

    Thanks Jake. We appreciate the comments!

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