Have you ever been out fishing fast water (let’s say something like Kern River) and you were having the worst time trying to get your fly down to the bottom where the Big Bass and Trout want it? 

I have, and trying to add Split Shot or using Sinking Lines can mean all the hassle in the world. Here is a quick solution that I learned from a Guy Fishing an Urban Park Lake about a year ago. Tie on a Bullet Sinker (Cone Head Weight) in front of your Woolly Bugger or Crayfish imitation, just like the conventional guys use. It gives the fly a really nice jigging action that Bass and Big Trout can’t resist. 

I especially love this method when site fishing to feeding Carp. It can be extremely effective and gets that fly down in the strike zone fast. Just make sure that if you fish this rig to keep a big open loop, and  not to cast the fly anywhere close to your head.

I figured this out the hard way down in the salt at Seal Beach. My Fishing buddy and Co-Author Dan Z and I were fishing the SGR River Outlet (against the wind). One cast a little too close and whack a nice little knot in the back of my head for about a week. All joking and pain aside, try this setup on the next outing and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

 I would start out with a 1/16 or 1/8 ounce weight, to keep from cracking your skull on the first cast!

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  2. Anonymous:

    Great Tip! Will Try next time on the water!

  3. Lake:

    This is a great technique, especially when fishing deeper water with a weighted line and fly like a Clouser Minnow or Jiggy Fly. Lake

  4. Lake:

    With these essential elements you can begin to enjoy the sport of fly fishing in no time. Lake

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