What do you do when you have a couple hours to fish while your wife goes to a Christmas Party?

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m hittin’ the salt. Last Sunday I pulled up to my little spot on Naples, and not a swimmer or another fisherman in sight. Yes! This must be my lucky day. Not to mention the 85 degree weather and not even a rustle from the wind.

I pulled out my Okuma 8 weight hoping to get into some Flatfish. Maybe a couple of Sole, Halibut, or maybe even a few Turbot. But the one thing I have learned over the last two years or so, is never think that you have Fly Fishing all planned out.

I stepped into the warm water and my feet sunk into the sand, suddenly I had this warm feeling that I was home (I guess a little So Cal just runs in my blood). I threw out a couple of casts with a Two Tone White and Orange Clouser Deep Minnow and on about the fourth cast was my first fish of the day (a small Lizardfish). Not bad, not what I was hoping for. But I’ll take what I can get. Anthing is better than going home with a Skunk stinking up the car.

After a while and a few Lizardfish I started noticing these strange colored things all around the shoreline. Curiosity got the better of me, and I dropped my net into the water and pulled out what looked liked a colorful version of something you sneeze into a tissue. So, I snapped a quick pic and let it go. Back to fishing and another one of these Sea Slugs right at my feet, and another, and another what the heck is up with all these things. They were literally covering the beach. I counted about 50 before it got too dark for me to see the bottom.

Back to fishing and a few more Lizardfish. I decided to start throwing around a boat that was docked up next to me, and I’m glad I did. First Cast and my line went tight. Was I stuck on the Eel grass, no it’s fighting back. I set the drag, and the first thing that went into my mind was finally a Halibut and a big one at that. The fish turned and started coming straight for me, was it a Leapheard Shark. I started walking back stripping in line as fast as I could. Then the biggest Sand Bass I’ve ever seen was at my feet, and with one shake of it’s head it was gone forever. UHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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