I stood there for a minute contemplating what went wrong. I pulled my line out of the water, the fly was still there, the hook wasn’t bent out, and I just lost the biggest Bass that I will probably ever have the chance to catch. What a day!

I decided to cut my fly and take a couple of pics before I headed home. I hopped in the truck and had to slam on the brakes as soon as I hit the corner. Blue and Red lights everywhere. What’s going on? I rolled down the window and the Police Officers were too busy to even look my way. Well, this was the only way out.

So, I pulled back into the parking lot and got back in the water. I guess I was supposed to fish a little while longer. I got into a conversation with a paddle boarder about a few good spots to fish and caught two more Lizardfish.

After the Cops left and the lights faded. I got back into the car, enjoyed driving by all the Christmas Lights. On the way home I reflected on the last couple of hours. What a great time! Not at all what I was expecting, but still a great couple of hours Urban Fly Venturing!

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  1. Paul:

    WOW! Colorful little things those slugs!

  2. Sean Fenner:

    Never seen them before. Then all of the sudden they were everywhere!

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