Now, I’m not so sure how I feel about a utilitarian metal and recycled plastic structure jutting out into the middle of this beautiful Bay but the last time we drove over there, there it was.

It will most certainly up the number of photographs taken of the Bay as it allows you to get out and away from the shoreline and closer to those picturesque boulders that every kid wants to climb on and every tourist wants to photograph.

There are signs posted on the pier warning against overhead casting but, then again, there are signs on every pier I have ever been on that warn against overhead casting. Officially, that pretty much puts a damper on fly fishing unless you happen to be an exceptional roll caster or maybe a spey caster.

But, as with most such things related to the urban fishing mindset, a careful consideration of the situation may find me out there some early morning in the not-too-distant future testing heretofore unreachable sections of the Bay with a nice black or olive wooly bugger… I’ll even have a level place to set my coffee cup down should I hook on to a nice, fat trout.

Hmmm, I guess I just took a little mental trip up to my favorite get-away.

I feel better already.

I love this addiction called urban fly-fishin’.

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  1. Sean Fenner:

    I hope they didn’t ruin our little fishing spot!

  2. joseph:


  3. Anibal Mehr:

    I love this little fishing doc and the improvements made to Boulder Bay. It makes it a lot easier (cleaner) to launch my Kayak and fish the surrounding area. Great Post!!!!!

  4. Sean Fenner:

    Cool. I can’t wait to get up there in a Kayak. I’ve really missed fishing Boulder Bay.

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