My wife noticed the splashing fish but not that I was tied on to it. She excitedly pointed at it and suggested that I cast toward all the commotion. I gently explained that I was actually the reason the fish was acting so strangely.

Now, I’m not gonna lie to you and say that my little protracted battle was nowhere near as exciting as if I had been on a fly rod because frankly, it’s been a looong winter and I was just so happy to actually have a sizeable fish on that I could have been using a broomstick and wouldn’t have cared. So Purists, say what you will — I was fishin’!

Long story short, I’ll let the photo do the talking. It looks like it is gonna be a great Spring and Summer.

I love this addiction called urban fly fishin’.

Follow Up

(Got a phone call today from Michael Di Pippo, President & CEO of We had a brief but very cordial conversation during which he mentioned that in my previous post, Plan “B”, I did not give the correct e-mail address for his company and the fine products they offer.

Now, with all the scams and cheap knock off versions floating around out there, not giving our readers the correct info was a great disservice to all of you as well as to the REAL pen fishing rod guys who work so hard to offer the quality gear they do and who back it up with exceptional customer service – my sincere apologies.

As I mentioned before, my pen fishing rod is my constant travel companion, fits in my standard all day bag and is a reliable back up rod for those days when fly rodding isn’t gonna cut it.

So, with the mea culpa out of the way, let me suggest that you pay a quick visit to site and check out their products. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.)

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4 comments on this post.
  1. Elizabeth:

    Thanks for posting… it was a very fun read!

  2. iWalton:

    Haha, conventional gear, awesome!
    I have yet to fish Legg, definitely need to get out there sometime. Thanks for the report and writeup!

  3. Sean Fenner:

    Legg is an awesome and (at times) frustrating lake. It’s alot like El Dorado Park, but better since it’s free to park! FYI, we dispise paying to park when we go fishing, or in other words we’re cheap.

  4. Michael:

    Wow Dan, that’s a pretty fish. I’m sure the CEO of might compensate you on your next purchase if you were to spell the company name correctly & not promote some meaningless web site & you would also submit that pretty picture to be included in our online album Trust me, he is always watchinng even if he’s in the US. ;)

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