Suddenly, it all clicked and you could pretty much see the pieces of the puzzle all fall into place within her head.

Soon she was reading the bobber signs quite well and, even better, she was catching fish on a consistent basis.

Before long she was striving for first place in our impromptu catch and release fishing tournament.

So, train whistles, boat whistles and airplane engines may have been the sweetest sounds in the world to George Bailey but that’s probably because he never heard the sound of a kid that has just landed her first fish all by herself.

 That sound is one of the sweetest sounds of a wonderful life… that and the phrase, “Your chicken McNuggets are ready, sir?”

…I love this addiction called urban flyfishin

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  1. Eric Feldkamp:

    Great article. I love how you came full circle with your story. Also, as i father of a seven year old, i can attest that it’s true, fifteen minutes is indeed an eternity to them.

  2. mars brown:

    hey dan, nice read,my 11 year old holds the family record for 18 bass in one day, we have to keep these youngins in the outdoors fishing so they can show their kids this past time,go crystal lake ….. c ya

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