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  1. iwalton:

    I love that creek. I’ve only caught a couple out of it, looks like you did quite well!
    Last time I was there, several people were fishing with cane poles and worms in the small pond at the far end. They did better than me :(

  2. Eric Feldkamp:

    Hey Sean,

    I’m going through the same thing here in Texas. Most of the days this “Winter” have been a little to warm for the stocked Trout but to cold for all the other freshwater fish. Looking forward to the fishing that the spring will bring, but not the 9 months of heat that comes with it.

    In preparation for sunfish season, i recently did some Über Urban Fishing on my lunch break at work in downtown Austin. Check it out at

    take care,
    die Fische

  3. Pete Block:

    just fished in the same honey hole Saturday 2/4, it was not on fire, but I managed to land 7 on a #16 olive beadhead caddis, and one was a trophy Greeny – about 7″ long. I think that those fish don’t have any pressure/competitiion (i.e. LB bass) that is why the numbers are so high. Great fun – let’s keep the secret safe with us fly guys. I’ve never even seen anyone else fish there besides myself in the 4 or 5 times I’ve been there.

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