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For me Urban Fly Fishing has never really been about catching fish.

It’s about the challenge. The Casting, The presentation, and well I guess  it’s a little about catching fish.

Urban Fly Fishing has been the one activity in my life that has allowed my brain to completely focus in on what is going on at that exact moment.

It’s Peaceful, Serene, Relaxing. It’s just simply Fly Fishing, and that’s what makes it so special for me.

Every moment anticipating the next strike. Trying to figure out what the fish wants. It’s like a Chess Match that takes me outside the world that I currently reside in.

I had such a moment in Big Bear over Memorial Day Weekend with my fishing buddy Dan.

We had a chance to get away from the wives to get in a few casts over at Boulder Bay.

The Sun was starting to set over the mountains and the water glistening, as fish unloading on bugs skimming the surface.

Every cast produced a fish, and many to our surprise were decent sized Black Crappies. Or as a buddy of mine so affectionately refers to them “Stubbies”.

Beautiful fish, Beautiful Surroundings, and a Fly Rod. What more could a fisherman ask for.

It was truly one of those great life experiences.

I just pray that my next Fly Fishing “Adventure” is filled with such excitement.

That’s why we call it Urban Fly Venturing, a Disease Worth Catching!

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