My internet searching has found documents mentioning heavy predation by bass and sunfish on these native fish but little on trout predation. However, since trout are known to be efficient piscivores, especially as they grow to adult size, I am surmising that suckers, dace and chub are, in fact, part of the diet of rainbow trout in the San Gabriel River.

Armed with this hypothesis, I’ve decided to test it by carefully selecting some fly patterns resembling these fish for my next foray into the Angeles Forest.

I’ll keep you posted on how these patterns work…but I won’t be giving away any info on our secret spots.

I love this addiction called urban fly fishing.

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  1. Eric .:

    Never even knew there was anything but Trout in the san gabriel river

  2. Steve:

    I live along the SG River in the pico Rivera area. was woundering if there are general areas were I could walk to to fish? I know off the 60 fwy by peck road you could get a bite. And at the mouth of the river, even 4 or so miles up ive cought a couple. Along that golf course next to the whittier damn ive seen huge channel catfish that ive caught by hand in the streams and pools. I would love to know were else there could be some fishing holes (general area). since you keep you fishing spots a secret lol.

  3. Jim Burns:

    It’s interesting that the carp co-exist with other species. From what you read, it seems like carp wipe out other species, like in the Great Lakes, but it seems that on the San Gabe and the LA River, that’s not the case. — Jim

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