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“UrbanFlyVentures is a website dedicated to all the Urban Fly Fishermen out there. By no means are we claiming to be experts, we are just a couple of guys who love to fly fish and see people introduced to the sport. We hope that you enjoy our site!”


Sean Fenner is a SoCal native who grew up fishing the local L.A. waters, which doesn’t sound as sexy as someone who is…say… a Montana native who grew up fishing the local waters, but it does mean that he knows what he’s talking about when he makes local recommendations, whether they be beaches, mountain streams or small park lakes. An avid fisherman his whole life, Sean discovered fly-fishing a couple of years ago and never looked back. Fly-fishing has become an obsession for Sean in an already obsessive sport — he can be found almost any weekend refining his casting skills and collecting valuable info on fishing spots all over the Southland, where his quick smile and ready words of encouragement make him a recognizable figure (well that, and his picture on the website). His sense of wonder and exploration means that he studies the art of flyfishing passionately and bases his recommendations on personal experience.

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Dan Zambrano is another SoCal native who grew up fishing the local waters of L.A. In fact, he was born and raised just yards away from the L.A. river and has logged literally thousands of hours exploring the rock lined pools, unique flow patterns and changing landscapes of the Glendale Narrows portion of the river. So obsessed with fish is he that he earned a Bachelors degree in marine biology as well as certificates in wildlife and forestry management. Dan first picked up a fly rod about twenty years ago but didn’t fully appreciate or even become half-way proficient in the sport until rather recently. Now he fishes the fly rod 90% of the time he is on the water, and his vast knowledge of all things fishing has earned him the nickname “The Fishing Guru”.

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