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Let me just start out by saying that I love Fly Fishing for Bass. They can be as picky as Trout,  and as ferocious as a pike launching after it’s prey. They are the reason why I started Fly Fishing, and the species I target the most. Growing up in Southern California means that my childhood was filled with warm memories of Bass Fishing just about anywhere I could(including the local golf courses).

So, it was not much of a leap to start out targeting Bass when I picked up the Fly Rod. A couple of Woolly Buggers and some 5x and I was hitting the local park as soon as the sun started over the horizon.

Moving on from my love affair with Bass and yet staying on the same subject. Last Saturday I decided to head up to Peck Road Park, a water reclamation center that I have heard has great Bass Fishing. I got off the 605 and on to the side streets, pulled into the parking lot with a morning drizzle coming down on my Okuma fishing hat. I reached for the 5 weight and the 4x and off I went, in search of hopefully Bass and anything else that was willing to take a fly.

I was extremely disappointed right off the bat. I hit the shallow end of the lake with no luck in what looked like 5- 10 text book Bass Spots. As I moved over to the deeper end of the lake, I started seeing fish cruising the water. The nibbles started and the fishing was in full force. I started pulling out Bass on almost every cast. Small little guys (maybe only 10-14 inches long). But hey now, Bass are Bass no matter what size (and any fish is better than a skunk).

As I made my way around to the other side of the lake, I noticed what looked like an orange road hazard cone at every hole. It would suddenly disappear as I made my decent onto the shore line. It was not until about the 5th spot that I realized it was a great Carnival Prize (Goldfish) sipping the roots along the shoreline. At the next section I ripped out about 50 feet of line and threw down a cast only to have the fish take the fly and turn for the deep water with a fury vengeance. I set the hook and snap, my Prize Goldfish had made a jailbreak.

Things like that just have a way of breaking your little fishing heart. I went home with dreams of showing off my Monster Goldfish in the next LA County fair crushed, and a realization that I should be fishing any water reclaimation center I can get my hands on.


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 This is exactly why you should never underestimate Urban Fishermen. A 67 year old man fended off not one, not two, but three armed robbers with his fishing pole last Tuesday night. This man was fishing a small pond in St. Louis when three young men attacked him announcing that they were going to rob him. He managed to send them fleeing and two of the villians were caught later that night. When police asked for a statement the young men responded that they were attacked by “A man with a fishing pole”. Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking they are going to rip off some guy fishing alone in the park. You may have just messed with the wrong Urban Fisherman!!!

 St. Louis Fisherman Fends Off Robbers with Fishing Pole



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Sometimes it’s all you need. A little time away, just you and the fish. Not thinking about anything else that is going on in the world, just what fly to tie on the end of the line.

The local mountains are my get away destination and at 1-2 hours from doorstep to water, getting away is a whole lot easier than most people think. The Santa Ana River was my most recent get away destination, and the fishing was amazing.

I arrived at the entrance just as the sun was rising and the crisp cool air felt great. I hit about a 3 mile stretch of the stream and caught many Wild Browns and both Wild and Stocker Rainbows.

It’s amazing to me how these local mountain Trout can change so much from one day to another. Some days I gets hits all on dry flies, others on nymphs so tiny you can barely tie them, and still other days like this one when a good ol’ Woolly Bugger does the trick.

I am not exaggerating I tried every flies in my box, with all a couple of small fish to show for about 1 1/2 hours time. Fed up I pulled out the bugger, and the Trout ‘Went Wild”. I was getting hit after hit after hit. Browns & Rainbows it didn’t matter, I couldn’t keep them off the line.

At about 1:00 pm I decide to call it quits and make my 2 hour long journey home.

Thanks to the infamous 91 freeway traffic and people driving like a 16 year old the first time they put their hands on the wheel. But, with all my limbs in tact and no claims to my Insurance Agent (ME) I was home safe and sound with memories from the day running through my head like a wild fire.

Suddenly all of the work waiting on my desk for me on Monday, choirs to do around the house, etc didn’t seem as stressful as I had made them out to be the day before.


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Here is a little Video Clip on The Glendale Narrows Stretch of the Los Angeles River taken from LA Creek Freak. Urban Fly Fishing on this river has been a great tool in the battle to protect this precious resource and UrbanFlyVentures is glad to have been a part of getting the EPA to recognize it (Wall Street Journal and LA Weekly)! Check out other sites like FOLAR to see how you can get involved


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How would you like to have one of these Bad Boys on the other end of a fly line? 



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I picked up my Okuma SLV 2/3 Fly Reel for fishing our local mountain streams. Small, Lightweight, Good drag, and Durable are the qualities that I most value in a reel for these situations. The SLV 2/3 delivers all that and more. This little guy requires little to no maintainance; just pull it out, attached it to the reel seat, and you’re ready to fish.  Fits great with my Okuma 7′ 6″ Guide Select Fly rod, and holds just enough fly line and backing for that rare 14-20″ fish. The Large Arbour Disk Drag is strong enough to keep a big fish where you want him, and the one way bearing allows for quick line retrieves (great when hopping from one hole to another). I have already dropped my reel a few times and it’s none the worse for it (something that I have come to expect from Okuma). I was a little sceptical over the rubber grip reel handle, but I found myself very satisfied with the quality and it does keep your soaking wet fingers on the reel. Overall, a great reel at a great price. It’s extremely hard to find a reel of this quality, staying within this price range. All you need is one of these reels and a back up spool for your sinking tip line and your ready for anything these little native fish have to throw your way. Okuma just keeps making quality gear at great prices, and that’s what Urban Fly fishing is all about.


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One of the U.K.’s biggest Carp “Two Tone” dies and not only does he get stuffed and donated to the Natural History Museum. He also gets a plaque at the lake where he resided, getting big and fat off of bait all those years. Man, they treat those Carp good in Europe! I guess things are just a little different over there.


“Service held in memory of Kent’s giant carp”


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