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By , March 31, 2011 11:55 pm

Southwest Fly Fishing has recently become one of my favorite Fly Fishing Publications.

It can be wonderful and awe inspiring to read about far away lands that hold fish I most likely will never have the blessing to catch.

 However, sometimes it’s refreshing to read about locale that I can actually drive to, and hits just close enough to home for me to wet a line.

Every issue I find myself marking down another location on my “Fly Fishing Wish List Map”, or remembering a time when I visited it as a young child and dreaming about how many fish it could possibly hold.

This magazine has everything that you need to search out new water. Proven Techniques, Best Time of Year, Accomadations, and most of all the hope of seeing fly anglers that look just like you holding up fish that you just might be able to catch.

Another great feature of this magazine is the website. Are you looking for useful information on a  certain stretch of water? No problem just type it in the “issue search”  and whala there it is, all that you could ever hope to read about on that specific place you are just itching to fish.

Southwest Fly Fishing  is in my opinion pure gold, and a wonderful example of what a Fly Fishing Magazine should look like.

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