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By , June 8, 2010 9:46 pm

I want to follow up my recent post with a serious message. Please respect the waters that you fish. D0 not mess with the delicate echo system that has been created for us Fishermen to enjoy. I have noticed that at many of the local spots, fish populations have been decreasing, water quality is down, and many other factors are contributing the decline of our fisheries.

Some of the ways that we can help are by practicing “Catch and Release”as much as possible. I’m not saying don’t ever take any fish but take in moderation, like only what you are going to eat and be smart about taking fish from waterways that are hurting. Pick up trash wherever you go, I make it a habit to not only pick up my trash but any trash that I see wherever I fish. Report any misuse of waterways to The Department of Fish and Game, if you see someone snagging fish, taking too many fish, using a bait net, or anything illegal, say something and report it right away.

If we do not take action this beautiful resource that we have in California will someday become non existent. The Department of Fish and Game and local organizations have had to cut back, so it is in our hands to try and help to fix this problem.


Let’s all be responsible Urban Fly Fishers!!!


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