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By , September 4, 2010 11:13 pm

I picked up my Okuma SLV 2/3 Fly Reel for fishing our local mountain streams. Small, Lightweight, Good drag, and Durable are the qualities that I most value in a reel for these situations. The SLV 2/3 delivers all that and more. This little guy requires little to no maintainance; just pull it out, attached it to the reel seat, and you’re ready to fish.  Fits great with my Okuma 7′ 6″ Guide Select Fly rod, and holds just enough fly line and backing for that rare 14-20″ fish. The Large Arbour Disk Drag is strong enough to keep a big fish where you want him, and the one way bearing allows for quick line retrieves (great when hopping from one hole to another). I have already dropped my reel a few times and it’s none the worse for it (something that I have come to expect from Okuma). I was a little sceptical over the rubber grip reel handle, but I found myself very satisfied with the quality and it does keep your soaking wet fingers on the reel. Overall, a great reel at a great price. It’s extremely hard to find a reel of this quality, staying within this price range. All you need is one of these reels and a back up spool for your sinking tip line and your ready for anything these little native fish have to throw your way. Okuma just keeps making quality gear at great prices, and that’s what Urban Fly fishing is all about.

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